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Darkhorse Archery

Mission - Darkhorse Archery was founded by Marine Corps veteran, Justin Rokohl in memory of his best friend Colton Rusk. On December 6, 2010  LCpl Colton W. Rusk USMC  lost his life fighting for our country in Afghanistan. Colton was a dog handler for 3/5 Darkhorse which is where the name Darkhorse Archery comes from. Our mission is to honor his memory by giving back to other veterans who have also selflessly served our country.

"Archery is a great sport or hobby that anyone can enjoy, even those with adaptive needs.  It's a fun outlet that builds confidence, friendships and camaraderie. Just this year we were able to set up close to 40 veterans with bows. Some have joined us at tournaments and others have been set up on hunts.  Our goal is to continue to raise funds to set more veterans up with bows each year, grow their love for archery and hopefully get them on their first hunt." - Justin Rokohl.  

You can find out more about Darkhorse Archery at or their social accounts  @darkhorsearchery.

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