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January 2020: Mission Volant

"Mission Volant started as a simple idea: To change the lives of combat wounded Veterans in a spectacular way, challenging them in unfamiliar territory. We address the reality that most Veterans after their service to country are left feeling unchallenged, with little self-worth and often without direction. MV is not a hand-holding party, but a resource of insight, community, and inspiration. We challenge combat wounded Veterans with learning an adventurous skill set for their own therapy. Let us be clear: We don't do hand-outs."


MISSION VOLANT is a California based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that uses Veteran Adventure Therapy™ to introduce combat wounded veterans to aerial based sports like skydiving, paragliding, and piloting lessons. Mission Volant is committed to serving the veteran community in very impactful ways, and through means that Terra Arma is certainly fond of! They maintain above a 95% income to program ratio, which means that 95 cents out of every dollar goes directly towards helping a veteran. That is outstanding work.

You can find out more about Mission Volant at or their very rad social media accounts @MissionVolant

Terra Arma's Donation:

We are currently still collecting for Mission Volant. Every purchase made in the month of January 2020 will bode $1.00 to Mission Volant and their Adventure Therapy Programs.

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