The Ascend Together Initiative is a three pillar support program for Military, Veteran, First Responder, and Outdoor focused nonprofits:

Pillar 1: Monetary Donations

Terra Arma will be a portion of proceeds from every purchase during collection periods (First - Last day of every month) to the selected non-profit. Monthly donations will be noted within this blog and disseminated to each non-profit the first week of the following month.

Pillar 2: At-Cost Clothing

Terra Arma offers a full line of custom branded clothing to assist non-profit organizations in their fundraising efforts. Often times non-profits choose subpar clothing for marketing and fundraising which results in lower sales and thier customers are less inclined to wear them out and about. We typically beat out competitor pricing with incredibly high quality clothing custom designed for each charity.

Pillar 3: Media

We pride ourselves on our high quality imagery and videography at Terra Arma. Capturing emotional, gritty, and extreme adventures to share with the world is important, but so is telling the right story. We offer full media packages from headshots, event photography, full-scale videography, commercials, and documentaries to non-profits for little to no cost. It's important for these organizations to get the word out, and we love being able to share it with the world!

You can get involved by following our social media pages, signing up for our email campaigns, and attending events that Terra Arma participates in or runs. Individuals may suggest non-profits for us to donate to, or the charities themselves may reach out to request support and assistance in any of our three pillars of support.

Terra Arma donates a portion of proceeds from every sale we make, without compromise. To us, growing together is the truest form of humanism. You can read in our blog below about the different organizations we've served, see the media we've helped them create, and even get in contact with them directly.