Outside of combat time, Christian has responded to nearly every major natural disaster or civil unrest event in the last decade, including Hurricanes Sandy, Harvey, and Florence, CA wildfire MEDEVAC and Helicopter Firefighting, integrated operations with the DEA, CBP, FBI SWAT, among other agencies, and a litany of other training and stateside operational events.

Overall, Christian retired with over 1600 flight hours and has rescued over 300 people, received 9 Air Medals, and achieved the final rank of Technical Sergeant (E-6).

Outside of his military career,Christian is very passionate about being active and philanthropy. During Christian's pursuit for all things exciting, he fell in love with Skydiving. Accruing well over 2000 skydives, receiving multiple instructional ratings, and a professional rating endorsement as well. Additionally, he has taken over 1000 people on their first skydives, including over 100 veterans for free introductory skydives to help get them involved in new communities. Among his other interests and passions include BASE Jumping, weightlifting, and snowboarding.

Christian is currently the Chief Product Officer at Terra Arma, and Co-Host of The MEDEVAC Podcast.

During an operation David stepped on a pressure plate IED in the entry of a doorway into a room he was clearing. The IED was wired in series to over 12 pounds of additional explosives, which thankfully did not detonate, saving his life. He would however lose his left leg, severely damage his right calf, break his back, and incur a major TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

David would eventually end up at the Brooke Army Medical Center, Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, Texas for his recovery. After 11 additional surgeries, and multiple series of physical therapies David would begin his life again, with the same ferocity and ambition as before.

He would go on to graduate from University of Texas San Antonio with a degree in Athletic Medicine, and enter into medical school soon after. Prior to beginning medical school, David was introduced to celebrity Chef Robert Irvine who saw potential for David to succeed in business - so Robert invited him on board. David would go on to hold a position as Vice President of The Robert Irvine Foundation a 501(c)(3) serving active military and veterans through financial and general support).

David is now the Co-Owner and CEO of Terra Arma, as well as Co-Host on the Medevac Podcast.

A portion of the proceeds from all of Robert’s endeavors benefit the Robert Irvine Foundation. Created in 2014, the foundation gives back to our servicemen and women and first responders. Funds raised help at-need veterans and first responders in a variety of ways: training service dogs, making mental health and wellness services available, providing mobility devices for the disabled, and much more.

For his charitable work and service on numerous USO tours, Robert is the recipient of several civilian honors, including Honorary Chief Petty Officer of the United States Navy, and the Medal of Honor Society’s Bob Hope Award.

Starting her active duty military career in Fort Gordon, Georgia for the Signal Basic Officer Leader Course (SBOLC); Kathryn quickly garnered a multitude of lifelong friendships and a considerable passion for building camaraderie with her subordinates. After 4+ months of training, Kathryn was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Which she would later come to know as ‘The Center of the Universe’. With the opportunity to exercise her newly refined leadership skills, Kathryn was placed in the 18th Airborne Corps Headquarters (HQ) as the Platoon Leader (PL) in preparation for the Warfighter exercise. In October 2019, Kathryn was afforded the opportunity to attend her all time favorite course, the Army Airborne School, also known as Jump School. Conducting paratrooper training gave Kathryn valuable insight into conquering fear, the importance of evaluating your gear, trusting in its capabilities, and maintaining a calm demeanor in the face of chaos.

In August 2020, this preparation led Kathryn to the United States Army Special Operations Command to serve as the HQ, HHC Executive Officer (XO). Working with Green Berets, again opened her eyes to the unrelenting motivation and drive many tier 2 operators share. Quickly recognizing the operational capacity of the hardest working and smartest Non-Commissioned Officer’s (NCO’s) she had ever served with, allowed her to adopt the mentality for herself.

September 2022, Kathryn will transition from Active Duty into the Reserves to finish her contract. “I wouldn’t trade this time for anything, but I am ready for a new challenge that will allow me to expand my horizons, impact the lives of my brothers and sisters in arms, and grow as a person making lasting friendships along the way!” - Kathryn Strauss

During Adam’s first military contract, he deployed 4 times in support of Operation Enduring Freedom to southern Afghanistan, conducting 450+ night raid operations. Initially, as a member of the heavy weapons squad he would master the knowledge and implementation of all crew served weapons in extreme combat situations. Later selected to attend Ranger School, the U.S. Army’s premier leadership school, where he would graduate in July of 2011. This solidified his role as a leader in an elite group of fearless, lifesaving professionals, boasting an unparalleled expertise in combat, improvisation, marksmanship, and adaptability in the face of immeasurable odds.

Upon completing his initial contract and leaving the Army to continue his education; Adam would move to San Antonio, TX, fanning the flames of exploration and personal growth. This time towards a Bachelor of Sciences in Kinesiology for Exercise Science & Sports Medicine at the University of Texas at San Antonio. During this time he began exercising this deeper knowledge through refining his physical fitness programming and personal training for those truly motivated to make positive growth.

In 2016, Adam wouldre-enlist, this time in the United States Air Force, and gone to redefine the meaning of a Unit Fitness Program Manager. Ensuring 100% currency rate for all 500+ members and providing a scientific approach to creating fitness regimens for struggling members which resulted in a 100% pass rate.

This passion for excellence coupled with the drive to put others before himself led him to find a place with Terra Arma as the Director of Communications, and afforded him the position to exercise this passion through the Ascend Together Initiative.

In August 2016 Cameron enlisted, and completed Basic Military Training that October. Following on to Maintenance Fundamentals Training, then on to specialized training at Travis Air Force Base, to become a KC-10 Aircraft Maintainer. 

In March 2017, Cameron was stationed at McGuire Air Force Base, at the 605th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. He would spend the remainder of his six year enlistment there, deploying twice, and eventually becoming a Flying Crew Chief. 

During Cameron’s flying Career, he would accompany the KC-10 aircraft on missions both across America, and the world. Between 2020 and 2022, Cameron would support missions across 3 continents, and more than 7 countries. 

Cameron maintained a passion for photography and videography during his military career, photographing couples, families, concerts, and various extreme sports in his spare time. In May 2021, he would attend a cross-training course to become a KC-46 Maintainer, but ultimately decided to separate from the military to pursue a career in media production.