Catalyst Luxe

The Catalyst Luxe is Terra Arma’s flagship item, boasting Unrivaled Comfort. Forged in the fire of unrelenting motivation, and critically tested by tier 2 operators. We proudly bring you the single most comfortable & functional shirt you will ever wear in uniform. As a catalyst is a conduit between 2 objects, so too is Terra Arma’s Catalyst Luxe, being the Luxurious Hard-Use Clothing between you and your uniform.  Recycled Luxe Modal fabric has an incredibly silky smooth feel, with a huge amount of stretch Made of Reclaimed Beech Tree Modal, and Recycled Lycra Antimicrobial treatment to help keep your shirt from stinking! Partially recycled product ♻️ Raglan shoulders and flatlock seams for a guaranteed no chafe Additional “tail” in the rear to stay tucked (unnoticeable when untucked) Compliant with Army, Air Force, Navy, federal agency, and most first responder agency regulations Our Luxe Fabric brings you all the functionality and durability that you've grown to expect from the Catalyst while turning the comfort up to truly astronomical levels. When compared to our Catalyst, this fabric will have more of a free flowing feel. Our proprietary Luxe Fabric is incredibly silky, smooth, and stretches to near twice its original length while retaining its shape. No more fabric bumps when your shirt is tugged on! The silver infused fabric offers antimicrobial properties, allowing for multi-day use without concern. Flatlock seams increase load strength while simultaneously reducing any chafing - even with a ruck, or under a load.

Coyote Brown (Tan499)
Cirrus (White)
Moss (OD Green)
Marianas (Navy Blue)
Obsidian (Black)

A portion of proceeds from your purchase will help Veterans and First Responders through our Ascend Together Initiative Learn More

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All Day Comfort

Our proprietary Luxe Fabric is incredibly silky, smooth, and stretches to near twice it's original length

Naturally Antimicrobial

Silver infused fabric offers anti-stink properties, allowing for multi-day use without worry.

Flatlock Seams

To help reduce chafing while wearing any sort of load-bearing equipment

Catalyst Luxe $49.00


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Absolutely perfect. Athletic fit and superior quality material

Man… so close to perfect

I was excited to finally buy these, as I had come across them a while back. And it was time to get some new shirts. While the shirt itself is fantastic, the neck opening is WAY to small for my liking (I don’t like things taught around my neck), and I don’t have a large neck by any means. Anyway… I returned the shirts. If I the tight neck opening doesn’t bug ya, I’d recommend the shirt 100%.

Ryo Sawa
The best shirt I’ve ever bought

This base shirt is the most comfortable shirt I’ve ever worn, let alone the best base layer for your uniform. The fabric is high quality and wicks sweet so nicely! Living in Texas, this shirt is perfect for the hot and humid climate and keeps my skin from feeling wet or sticky. I love this shirt and use it for everything. It’s thin enough to wear underneath and also looks great to wear around. Ive been waiting for a brand with the style and mission of Terra Arma which caters to people that get after it and gives back to our heroes! I havent been this excited about quality clothing. If you are in the military, a public servant, or anyone wanting durable lightweight clothing, you will love this shirt.

Logan Storie
Tier 1 comfort

I’ve been in the Army 11 year. The Catalyst Luxe is the most comfortable light weight Tee on the market today! Breathable, Dries fast, and no chaffing. 10 out of 10 recommended!


Catalyst Luxe is a fantastic product that I bought on a whim at the PX. Best unintentional purchase I’ve ever made at the PX. The shirt is worth the investment and came in handy during my recent trip to Hawaii. The high quality material kept me comfortable and moving the entire time, allowing me to roll through several engagements without having to stop for a uniform change despite sweating buckets in the humid tropical environment. Already recommended the Catalyst Luxe to a few friends.