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February 2020: Heroes and Horses

"Our mission at Heroes and Horses is to offer combat veterans an alternative solution for defining and approaching their physical and mental scars—a solution that does not include prescription medications, or traditional psychotherapy, but rather the opportunity to use tools to redefine their purpose, rediscover their inner strength, and maximize their potential by taking ownership of their lives for the first time since leaving service."

Heroes and Horses

Heroes and Horses is an outstanding non-profit organization connecting veterans with horseback riding and various work within the equine community. They get veterans involved with a likeminded community, and provide new challenges for them to overcome. The following is an excerpt from their website on how they approach treatment:

"This isn’t just about healing “battle wounds,” it’s about taking a look at what’s going on with each person as a whole. We address the physiological components by creating a whole-food eating and physical fitness routine, then we work on the mind through an interactive daily leadership course—all happening simultaneously. You can’t just “treat” one part of a person and expect them to thrive, you have to look at how everything works together."

You can find out more about Heroes and Horses at or their very rad social media accounts @Heroesandhorses

Terra Arma's Donation:

Every purchase made in the month of February 2020 will bode $1.00 to Heroes and Horses for their Veteran Programs.

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