The Ascend Together Initiative

December 18, 2019

The Ascend Together Initiative

Don't Make The Climb Alone

Terra Arma is committed to giving back. We realize that many people across the US need aid from others willing to offer it. There are hundreds of amazing non-profit organizations comprised of volunteers who give their time to those who need it most. Terra Arma is proud to announce The Ascend Together Initiative: our promise to help enable various non-profit organizations that fall within our scope. Terra Arma is owned by a combat veteran with a passion for the outdoors and adventure, so we will be donating to non-profits that serve audiences in that arena.  

Ascending Together is in reference to mountaineering and the importance of having someone with you in the most difficult times - like the ascent. Non-profits and volunteer organizations often metaphorically aid others in an ascent they may be going through. We don't want them to be alone, and we want them to get through those times properly.

You Have A Voice:

The Ascend Together Initiative will be choosing a new non-profit organization to give to every month, but the choice will not be left solely up to Terra Arma. We want our customers to have a voice in who receives these monthly donations. If you would like to suggest a non-profit for Terra Arma to donate to, please reach out via email ( or vote during our social media campaigns. We will primarily host these on Instagram. Hit the IG social icon at the bottom of the page to follow us (@terraarma).

The essence of life is to serve others and do good.

— Aristotle

What is Being Given?

Terra Arma will be giving $1.00 from every purchase during collection periods (1st - Last day of every month) to the selected non-profit. During normal months Terra Arma expects to deliver between $250 - $1000 to each organization. Monthly donations will be noted within this blog and disseminated to each non-profit the first week of the following month.

Fundraising Opportunities:

Terra Arma is also offering unique fundraising opportunities for non-profit organizations. We will be opening our Custom Shop services to organizations who are interested in offering high-end custom apparel to their audiences for incredibly low costs. As a company that is dedicated to producing the highest quality clothing, we can ensure that your non-profit will be outfitted with the best possible gear. Your organization will be able to do completely custom runs of clothing dually branded with Terra Arma and your logo. You will be able to sell this for fundraising purposes to ensure that your non-profit can continue to thrive and provide for your people. By choosing Terra Arma to produce your products, you can expect more purchases and inevitably return purchases from your audience. To put it simply, people are tired of regular cotton shirts and cheap printed hoodies that are the same as other companies are using. This is your opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd and sell something that people actually want! Inquire today about how you can get started.

Contact: Christian Meyers at

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